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NMB (NFT MEDIA BOX) creates media driven NFTs, while providing our outstanding community opportunities to take part in a decentralised entertainment experience. Our NFT collections will provide long term use and incentives for our NFT holders in the following spaces: Film/TV, Video Games, Music, Novels/Comics and Sports.

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Engagment, Engagement, Engagement! Within the entertainment space, projects can take years to complete. For our transmedia slate we want to keep our community active and involed throughout the creative process, we want to make sure they have enough content to work on with us everyday.


Aim to release our comics, novels & music in the hands of our members.


Aim to release our Films and Shows completed and ready for launch.


Aim to release our Games on members’ screens.

Community Is Everything


With a strong and growing community, it's imperative that we give our members what they want and what they didn't know they needed.

We find an outstanding example of this in our Arabian Camel collection: We never planned on implenting breeding as an NFT functionality, but once the people had spoken we could adapt and add this to our roadmap.

Our community will grow stronger as we strengthen and collaborate with other NFT collections and communities. Our roadmap for Arabian Camels has already evolved, with some amazing collaborations down the road.


Every new collection will connect in some way with past collections. Our APIs will unlock special functionalities depending on what NMB NFTs are in a member's wallet. We will reward our early adopters every step of the way.

Our endgame is to have a metaverse to stand toe to toe with the likes of Decentraland, giving our NFT holders an advatage in that metaverse.

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